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Stealth Truck – Concept visuals

January 2, 2010

Our Hero Kent is an average Joe. Slight built, short brown hair, mad on mountain biking and works for a creative media agency during the day. On his weekends, he likes bombing around town with his buddies, drinks Japanese beer, if he can get it, and playing online games in front of his HD wide screen format TV he spent last months salary cheque on….Oh, did I mention he has a fetish for gadgets….the smaller the better.

Time: 21h16 Friday the 20th November 2010.

City – currently lives in Cape Town…

Scene 1: WWW

Chilling in a bar with his mate Nic and Brad…. bored of the same old scene at Neighbourhood bar…same kids wearing the same tired old clothes as last week…he wants some entertainment!

Brad is showing off his latest I-phone app. with live music downloaded from a session composed by him an a few mates the night before.

Kent is blown away…he cant wait to try it out himself…they log on to the 1080k HD site, book in, and then jump in a cab and head down to Jade where 1080k is currently docked.

Kent cant wait to see it…he can’t make it out but there it is…. needs a close look…. looking like some kind of futurist vision of lux air travel…. covered in millions of moving lights that swell and sweep creating waves of visual stimuli.

The cab stops and they’re in luck to find there is a small crowd hovering outside…. they join the queue to get de-briefed…scoping out the images on the side of the thingy.

Scene 2: Biometrics

The are greeted by a foreign looking man and woman…. cant place their accent or clothes. Then, they are guided to a consol to have their digits plugged in…they are given the key…weird looking interior…seems to change colour and form all at once…then he realises it sees what colour he’s wearing…some kind of Bio mimicry shit!…Like stepping into a giant octopus skinned interior… blending in and morphing…they all point to Nic and laugh….seems like his head is floating above some size 9 Addidas… socks? Once they all have a key, the doors slide open to reveal a darkened interior…. faint lights along the floor and ceiling guide then in, like diving through a tunnel at high speed…the move forward slowly…the miss the door silently slide closed behind them, locking them in…everything is still, cool air reaches his face…smells like a lighting storm coming……’Ozone’ says Bad…good for a hang over, having one himself!

cene 3: The Machines

Kent’s eyes adjust, he can make out the internal space is long, but can’t see what’s at the end. The walls seem to be moving….no…wait…they’re are alive……he brushes past Nic on the way to explore the interior and comes up close to the wall surface… pulses, vibrates even…..then he can make out symbols, words and faint images as the lights brighten he realises that the wall is asking him a question. He’s puzzled…normally he would each for his bank card, but he can’t make out what to do.

Then…there’s a clue…The Key!

He presses The Key up to the surface of the walls, and a menu of options appear…he’s seen this before…but where? The Matix? Minority report? The interface is like nothing he can place, but he understands intuitively what is happening. He’s engaged, having a conversation with the surface…when he moves his hands it responds…. lighting up options, images, symbols…all very abstract but non-the less engaging. He finds a sub-menu….Dim Sum?, Sake? His favoured brand if cigarettes, Saporo!!!!!! He’s just ordered his favourite beer with out even talk…Wicked!

Scene 4: Gacon

Ok……now what?

Brad and Nic are messing with the door, trying to figure a way father in…. clearly they are loving this……the smoked black glass wall slides back silently. The space just got bigger…more wall displays with lights and carbon fibre stairs going up, up, up. The styling has a familiar feel…sleek walls and floor seemly turning into stairs…looks like the computer command centre for a super yacht….’funny that’, he hears himself say….’I don’t remember seeing an water on the way over.’.

Another attendant appears, ushering them towards a dispensing unit the size of those American fridges from under the stairs, with 3 glistening beers emerge from the surface, balanced on a tray black rubber, ……nice! The boys are stokked….Brad, familiarly flips his box of smokes into the air, seemingly emerging from a glass panel on the front of the dispense, then suggests we check out the interactive booth…he’s keen to show off his dj’ing skills…at least he wants a chance to improve his skill…a crowd of girls leave laughing…disappearing upstairs…it sets the tone…the Boys are up next!

Scene 5: Next stop Ibiza

Once everyone is seated… spread evenly around an oval table, leaning back into the Kevlar woven booth seating…all attention is on the 360 degree screen that envelops them. They recognise it immediately…Brad lights up…and has already started tapping in on the surface of the table…a key board looking panel in front of his appears and he selects the sunset option: Café Del Mar in Ibiza……..Rad !Lots of ooohs and aaaghs come next. The familiar sounds of uplifting house music and waves in the distance…5 minutes and counting…

They sit and chat amongst themselves as the sun slowly sets in front of them…it’s golden color light washing over them…. This Is Heaven…the room temperature adjusts to a warm breeze…the fresh smell of salt teases their nostrils.

…and then the moment the all suspected would happen…the sun sinks below the horizon…sliding behind the cool water and the sky changes from orange and red to cool blues and dark , deep rich colour…..tiny stars begin to come out and a weird electronic music seems to be all around them….Brad has his key on the table and it’s proximity to Nic’s key seems to make the table vibrate with clicking almost electronic slow buzzing sound…Brad slides it closes to Nic’s and the tempo jumps p a notch,…the entire room is now hissing with static beeps and blips…….This is it….This is what Kent was looking forward to, the hairs on his legs and arms stand on end.

They spend another 5 minutes messing about. It’s all downloaded onto the Key…so you can listen to it again in the morning, just to make sure’.

Nic is on Facebook spamming his connections, his entry reading something like….’ %^&*( me! Soporo Beer, Ibiza, Sunset, Tunes, Chinas……beat that!

Scene 5: The View

They reluctantly leave as another mixed crowd of curios faces peer in through the glass screen.

Exit Booth

Escalate stairs…single file.

Pop out onto the roof deck…..’where did those chicks go?’ prompts Kent, lighting a smoke….thirsty for another beer …..they take up residence on the sunken seating pit and admire the skyline….in the distance, Table mountain on the left, and the harbour on the right, a feeling of connectedness holds them there for some time.

Kent finds a Wi-fi signal on his phone and quick logs on with his key.

The spend the next 5 minutes reliving the moment and forwarding on the link to even more mates…at least those not on face book…. oh and ‘ Don’t forget your mum! Chirps Nic’s.

‘Right’…pipes up Bad…’lets pop over to And Union for a beer and a sausage.’

The all agree silently…. grinning.

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