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November 6, 2010

1. An instance of hijacking; the illegal seizure of a vehicle. 2. An instance of a seizure and redirection of a process. 3. (politics) An amendment which deletes the contents of a bill and inserts entirely new provisions.
Hijack is a private writing desk, reminiscent of an impenetrable Donald Judd Sculpture, part archetypal volume part functional furniture.

In this purpose built product the designer attempts to Hijack or Hack his own work by installing a CCTV camera and colour video monitor within the otherwise austere piece of furniture.

Outsider culture where by the end user, hacks, manipulates or modifies manufactured products. In this self referential work the designer is commenting on the proliferation of products mass manufactured in this last century by using downgrades or obsolete broadcast technology found in junks stores.

Referencing early Agent prop. and Avant Garde video and performance art technology and visual media with an otherwise minimal approach to designing products. His aluminium Dumbox console and Espresso Lamp were launched at the Johannesburg Art Fair earlier this year attracting local and international press attention.

This is a one off bespoke creation for OKHA in mixed media.
Dims 1300x400x900mm
weight 50kgs.

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