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Southern Guild Collection 2011

October 4, 2011

Showing as part of the Southern Guild Collection 2011 for the second year running, we are glad to be associated with the collection curtated by Trevyn and Julian McGowan of Source-SA which was launched at the Johannesburg Art Fair in Sandton City, South Africa.

This year we present “arch lamp”( the silver angular lamp to the right) is an approximation/con-temporization of the classic angle-poise lamp in anodized aluminum with cool white LED lighting.”As with the”espresso lamp” series, the overriding concept behind this piece is to re-interpret our understanding of archetypes by re-working from within an architectural language.
Formally the work is constructed by folding and tessellating the surface as means of creating stiffness with the minimum energy required to resist deflection or stressing of the material.

Taking into account the spring and strength to weight ratio of the material gives structural stability given its extended centre of gravity, it aesthetic appeal, although edgy, is
not at odds with our understanding of the construction/substance but in sympathy of it.
Referencing the hand-made and the mass-manufactured are trademarks of the Piers’ design process.
This is a one off. “
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