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Southern Guild Collection 2011

October 4, 2011

Showing as part of the Southern Guild Collection 2011 for the second year running, we are glad to be associated with the collection curtated by Trevyn and Julian McGowan of Source-SA which was launched at the Johannesburg Art Fair in Sandton City, South Africa.

This year we present “arch lamp”( the silver angular lamp to the right) is an approximation/con-temporization of the classic angle-poise lamp in anodized aluminum with cool white LED lighting.”As with the”espresso lamp” series, the overriding concept behind this piece is to re-interpret our understanding of archetypes by re-working from within an architectural language.
Formally the work is constructed by folding and tessellating the surface as means of creating stiffness with the minimum energy required to resist deflection or stressing of the material.

Taking into account the spring and strength to weight ratio of the material gives structural stability given its extended centre of gravity, it aesthetic appeal, although edgy, is
not at odds with our understanding of the construction/substance but in sympathy of it.
Referencing the hand-made and the mass-manufactured are trademarks of the Piers’ design process.
This is a one off. “

studio chair

August 17, 2011

studio chair was developed for a client who wanted a cost effect chair for their meeting room. made in cape town, south africa, by local craftmen and women from formaldahide free glue – laminated SA pine and lemon napa leather.

Mini Espresso Lamp

March 3, 2011

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photography by Henrique Wilding.

Cape Town, March 2011: Piers Mansfield-Scaddan is launching a new range of furniture and table lamps at Design Indaba 2011 inspired by industrial fabrication techniques and craftsmanship. Showcasing several industrial processes, the range reflects Piers’ obsession with all things technological.

The tongue in cheek Espresso Lamp series draws inspiration from stove top Italian Espresso pot, functioning as a quirky desk light which works either in a domestic setting or home office. A visually arresting minimal design parodies frilly lamps found in your grandmothers attic, yet is industrially fabricated from sheets of anodized aluminum. Espresso’s are available in candy Apple colours from lilac, and turquoise to aubergine and more established finishes of golds and bronzes to black.

The Espresso Lamp and is available in a wide range of colours and in 3 sizes, referred to as single, double and mini espressos! For Design Indaba Piers will be releasing a limited edition series of 100 mini espresso lamps – individually numbered and available on the stand.

Tandem bench product re-launch.

March 3, 2011

Designed for hotels, receptions and pause areas Tandem is an asymmetrical bench seat for contract and hospitality environment and comes in left and right handed benches as standard ,with white steel sleigh base, but can also come in stainless steel in most contract fabrics.

Fabricated from sustainably sourced plywood with  latex foams of varing density and covering in a range of linen loose covers, made locally by 3rd generation craftsmen.

Piers Mansfield Scaddan seen overseeing the photoshoot relaunching their contemporary seating arrangement, Tandem bench using sustainably sourced materials.

photographs by Henrique Wilding.

Art South Africa Stand Design Indaba 2011

March 3, 2011

Art South Africa Stand - limited editions - top

Mansfield-Scaddan Studio were asked to design a stand for South Africa’s prominent Art Journal, Art South Africa is published by Bell-Roberts Publishing and is the only academically acredited periodical covering the arts here.

The brief was for a limited edition bookshop and shop selling editions of posters, skate boards, lamps and t-shirts from the creative community to design collectives and graffiti artists.

Art South Africa Stand - limited editions - side

Designed as a simple browsing experience allowing visitors to pick the highly collectible back issues of the journal and read the latest issue. Also allowing a reading room and shop to pick up the NEW BroadSheet feature artists and designers work available on the stand.

Mansfield Scaddan Studio launched a 100 mini espresso lamps in candy apple colours from lilac and tourquois to purple and more established colours such as gold, silver and bronzes.

Grolsch/Indabar Pop Up

December 6, 2010

The skyline of Camps Bay, the country’s most photographed beach strip, was last night (11th November 2010) enhanced by the exclusive launch of Design Indabar, in collaboration with Grolsch, the premium Dutch beer.

Design directed by Piers Mansfield following fly-pitcher’s own secretive pop up bar concept launched the previous year in their Woodstock warehouse/studio, Piers was aproached by Ravi Naidoos office, Interactive Africa to concept and oversea production.

Innovated by Design Indaba through Ravi Naidoo, the result is part bar/ part art installation and embodies the spontaneity and creativity of both brands. Set at the foot of Lions Head and overlooking a sweeping view of the 12 Apostles and the ocean, this was an ideal backdrop to introduce the creative community to Design Indabar.

Design Indabar was built to celebrate the creative spirit of South Africa by encapsulating the world renowned annual Design Indaba held in February for the last 16 years, into a portable pop-up bar that will extend the world of design and creativity to the many beautiful corners of the country.

Designer Piers Mansfield-Scaddan- fly pitcher design (left), Mashinka Fourie – Marketing Manager: Grolsch(center) and Ashish Sewgoolam – Assistant Brand Manager: Grolsch(right).

Nicola Polmans of fly-pitcher interiors, is flanked by Ed and Tamara Sutra.

Ravi Naidoo (right) and friends.

Awesome entertainment in front of the 12 Apostles butresses to Table Mountain on the Camps Bay side of Cape Town.

“Design Indabar allows us to make creativity accessible in unconventional and inspiring locations, with an ice cold Grolsch always on hand.” say Mashinka.

For Grolsch, the Design Indabar provided a perfect fit to the brand’s true character and independent, creative spirit, embodied in the iconic design of the bottle, and has successfully solidified the partnership between Design Indaba and Grolsch.

“We are privileged to provide such a bespoke and unique platform to showcase the inspiration of some of South Africa’s best charismatic mavericks,” added Mashinka.


Two standard shipping containers have been transformed into a state of the art mobile bar and art gallery. What to the naked eye initially appears to be closed non-descript containers, is in fact revealed through specially designed hydraulics, to be a bespoke bar with minimalistic interior showcasing the beautiful surrounds. “The interior is fitted with carefully designed elements that include a bespoke mosaic wall designed by Bisazza from Milan, subtly showcasing the Grolsch Mark Icon; a bespoke Grolsch bar, and a glass chandelier as a centre piece made of pressed Swingtop bottles,” described Ravi. “Pushing the boundaries of the pop up bar concept, we designed a hydraulic staircase that unfolds, and leads to a riveting roof-top view of the ocean.” The Design Indabar is self contained, fitted with its own generator enabling it to be set up in unique locations across the country.

No Design Indabar would be complete without an accompanying space to showcase South Africa’s creative talent. The adjacent container is a gallery, which for the launch, showcased the work of five top South Africa designers who were commissioned by Grolsch to create inspiring glass chandeliers, each made with elements of the iconic Grolsch Swingtop bottle. These designs were on display to the audience of select guests and media, and will also be on display at the 2011 Design Indaba where the most popular chandelier will be selected and featured in top bars around the world. “We are very proud to provide a platform to export South African creative and design talent to the rest of the world for Grolsch drinkers to experience.” said Mashinka. “The chandeliers are a perfect expression of the creativity, artistry and craftsmanship that Grolsch represents – with the iconic Grolsch Swingtop bottle as the core inspiration.”s


The Design Indabar was designed to showcase South Africa’s creative talent in locations that are equally inspiring. This was achieved with the Grolsch bar framed against a glorious backdrop showcasing a line up of select charismatic mavericks who shared their inspiration at the event, including the country’s leading blogger Khaya Dlanga; Nando’s pioneer, Robbie Brozin, Danny K , Heath Nash, and Hanneli Rupert to mention a few. Renowned Capetonian Nik Rabinowitz entertained guests throughout and the one-man-band Dave Furgeson provided the perfect tone for the intimate evening. The evening was relaxed and unfussy – true Pecha Kucha style! Pecha Kucha, meaning ‘chit-chat’ came about in a Tokyo bar several years ago, and allows each speaker to capture some inspiration in the tight framework of ‘20 slides by 20 seconds’. Pecha Kucha is always delivered in a setting with a beer-in-hand, and an ice cold Grolsch Swingtop made the perfect accompaniment for guests to absorb the inspirational talks.


Keep a look out on Twitter for where the next Design Indabar will pop up.


talks on the making of their container project…

November 10, 2010

fly-pitcher have been invite for a speacial edition of pecha kucha on the grass over looking camps bay beach tonight.

Piers Mansfield-Scaddan speaks about working with Ravi Naidoo’s office and their unorthodox approach to design, and about the collaboration between Design Indaba and Grolsch on a pilot project to bring design to the people.